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Daily Deviations | 10 accepted

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 18, 2010, 12:42 AM

18 september, 2010

10 accepted! :B


16-07-10: I suggest daily deviations and there are 3 accepted! I'm going to suggest more this month and I hope some of them get accepted too! :rose: is a Daily Deviation) and do you suggest one)?

Accepted suggested DD's - Photographs

*Insanity by anna-earwen* Have faith by andreapun Its So Cold by Rose8174 untitled V by Mords   cat by EmineS-Frame movements 4 by ladydesign  V by alperyesiltas

Accepted suggested DD's - Others

Drinks by Miniartx Children of Noh II by Arwassa

Profile Page CSS by NyssaCreative

Suggested DD's so far

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 14, 2010, 9:41 AM

September 14, 2010

I started with suggesting DD's 9 weeks and 5 days ago!

I already suggested a lot of photographs but also other works. Of all the things I've suggested, 11 are accepted DD's. I suggest DD's because I see so many art that deserves more attention!
Below I made a feature of all the art I suggested, I hope you take the time to look at them and maybe write a comment or add it to your favourites.

Suggested DD's - Photographs/Photomanip

God told me... by GrandeOmbre
cat by EmineS-Frame :thumb126994336: movements 4 by ladydesign
Hyperballad by Laura-Ferreira Wisdom by Karisca :thumb175606735:
:thumb137893235: Jeffreys Bay Sunrise by hougaard
Durdle Door III by novakovsky Change II by iustyn
Its So Cold by Rose8174 time by someonelovely
stop swimming by HenriqueFrazao untitled V by Mords
V by alperyesiltas colour of your dreams by patrycjanna
North Shore by adityapudjo :thumb168708068:
Cyanide by eyedesign Have faith by andreapun
:thumb166099134: Cairnpapple Glow by FlippinPhil
Blindness. by C4M30 Lake Thun Sunset II by erezmarom
:thumb173847669: Insanity by anna-earwen
Messy Feather Day by ayashige
Ksenia Ts III by daria-zaytseva allgaeu pt I by nastra
:thumb178618200: confetti ii by PatriciaD Camilla II by StRetMuZk
Wooden Pier by kpavlis Inessa and Jura by pomenchuk

Suggested DD's - Others

Lady GaGa Drawing by MauroIllustrator Drinks by Miniartx
Children of Noh II by Arwassa


Maybe some of these deviations will get accepted in the future, then I'll update my 'accepted suggested DD's' journal. And if I suggest more deviations I'll update this (Suggested DD's so far) journal.

Amazing photographs I faved the last 2 weeks :rose:!

laugh away by thirdratedstar Comfortable place by Tita-Kit Colorfull by AlexKPhoto
:thumb174544890: Reality won't let me dream by Julie-de-Waroquier Roosje by touchofclass1976

Redness by myph Little Lies by annikenhannevik Before sunset by Gerry-And-Me Chair. by moodysnap
Whispering Wind by annikenhannevik Giulia. by Elessar777 Little Bird, Little Bird by Gerry-And-Me :thumb173591374:

Arise by EmilStojek Endless by Jules1983 your love is impossible by illusionality
.: glory :. by biszkopciik break away by illusionality
:thumb172479994: :thumb143721099:

:thumb175180823: Fortress by adamlack Away We Go by acukur
shed by samuilvel :thumb155498211: Broken dreams 3 by marcopolo17
:thumb170587597: utopic girl by Piarvi-Recherreen _disarray_ by SerenityEternity
Sea of Loneliness by I-am-Gyperion Bled by Al-Baum Kirkcudbright: sky+wall by Coigach

Bokeh magic. by addy-ack :thumb173847669: Lyngen fjorden by Zx20
Old, but still young by leelloor :thumb173889124: Lonely stones by Zx20
bridge by uglybug Rise up by WojciechDziadosz Maze by DrewHopper

summer breathe by Nastasie Water Princess by StefanieSauer never felt like this before by Lisa-Schneider
:thumb173462218: Every Fucking Morning by Cahnx colour of your dreams by patrycjanna
gone by andreapun Something moving in the forest by morbid-whispers

Little Lies II by annikenhannevik bleeding love by SabrinaCichy Sundance by Karisca Libra by WildRainOfIceAndFire
:thumb176074018: :thumb175682265: oceanic by SabrinaCichy :thumb175606735:

Miners Twilight by CainPascoe West Elbow by Linkineos Alone by steelhearted
to miss like this by olyameds A vacuum to be filled. by FrammentiDiMomenti The Bath by BoyPrincessMomo

Snowroad by WouterPera .: Late Evening Hay Bails :. by Dave-Ellis
olgga 4035 by bagnino Stormy morning 1 by marcopolo17 Glide and Sing by solefield
065 by Somebody--else Castle close to the city by EdSinger Far away across the fields by LadyCarnal

Hugs for Kitties by OVEclipse Birds Nest by brittsperspective Lopata by ivancoric
:thumb175699948: Cobweb Field - 16 of 365 by escaped-emotions morning bokeh by iCECREAMTRUCKFUCK
Kursisi II by zaksendijs standing here by uglybug :thumb175630052:
:thumb174909754: Open Skies by Vinyl-Disco :thumb175996479:

:thumb175959811: Innocence by Ssabina Hidden by Yasmins
Beautiful photographs I faved in the last 3 weeks :rose:

Balancing Life by IvonaRose Just Breath by phferreira Oh, I gotta run run run by LinaDomina
:thumb169088590: :thumb168236948: :thumb162930927:

On My Way to Believing by mandeelion we're all inner selves. by ContagiousPixie Teaspoons and Afternoons by Genabubbles
my papaver by klamkazapadla crimson by BethMitchell The Vanishing Act. by C4M30

Morning by Tamerlana :thumb172037815: WatchGirl by onixa
So high by dianadades Sunday Afternoon 3 by BenoitPaille

breathing air by onixa Kettle and light by LILY-m hollow and tasteless by illusionality  
me by PandoraSelezneva A Heart of Gold. by C4M30 arise by Sea-of-Ice

:thumb172139900: You left me. .. by addy-ack :thumb172136610:
Rhode Island III by Brettc I n s o m n i a by MarcoHeisler Immersion by Loran31

:thumb173162444: stop. by Katari01

i hope you still remember. by C4M30 la montre by 8o-clock eternity in your hands by 8o-clock
traveller's diary by elalma :thumb170776874: Sea and the Maiden II by SHA-1

Waiting for a big fish by kgeri The end of the earth II by Caatherinee :thumb171918651:
Sunrise Glory by timbodon Fire in the Sky by stormofsilence The Boat by ladyrapid

Paradise Lost by darkmatter257 follow me to the sun by aseenontv i miss by zali26 End of the Summer by guille1701
Rannoch Moor by Emmagowen Palouse Sunset 4 by krovakny Livadaki Beach by puzzleheaded Distant Storm by marianne-lim
We are mice. by Lukreszja Bluegenta. by Amizyolaroid Fairy forest by Marhiao :thumb157399182:

Unlocked Cage by EmiNguyen Hold on by j-vdb golden sea by SabrinaCichy J u n g l e by StefanieSauer
:thumb171452355: :thumb167923487: :thumb173180147: Zoe 1 by Katoman
Another Day In Paradise

dressed in make-up by illusionality :thumb170434876: Old. by Katari01
:thumb170764081: soul of nature by jostef :thumb166308095:

:thumb168708068: You're all i have by Healzo
loving light by lichtfaengerin mountain tree 01-05 by justerZ
love you sunday by illusionality golden rush by jostef Klam by Al-Baum

:thumb169582600: Beneath The Remains by EmilStojek :thumb170140453:
Dont Close Your Eyes by Andrea-Reyes Burning Sunset by Alexandru1988 Sharp edge by ivancoric

In Solitude by marianne-lim unpredictable by ladyrapid Baltic sunrise by one-shot-below :thumb170201255:
A Thin Rocky Shore by Corvidae65 Tracks to No Where by wreck-photography aLONG the tracks by wreck-photography :thumb168630604:

Summer Sun by NickKoutoulas The Velvet View by Inebriantia Espelho de Agua by too-much4you
Blue Skies by angelsphere101 Cote sauvage - black and white by ArtSouilleurs Tranquility II by RHCheng
Move in the sky by Hieronimus-art Silent Beach by MEMCQS remarkables by O-Gosh

every single dream by uglybug Hay Balls by NickKoutoulas Vilnius IV by MoMona
golden by feiTaneO :thumb170258613: :thumb170190884:
:thumb135036299: :thumb167907354: 2010-07-04 by coyote77ro

Uaah by Gehoersturz Men Ruz by Loran31 Green rock by muratgorgulu

Feature 06 | Inspiring

Mon Jul 5, 2010, 8:27 AM
This feature is full of inspiring photographs. And I need it :giggle: I posted my last photograph more then a week ago, and didn't like it at all. I had to post something because I became so inactive!
And now I have the same problem... :sniff: Don't know what do to anymore :confused: Wish I could make photographs like these:

Liesch by Al-Baum Lush by GroovyTeacosy
His dream by Julie-de-Waroquier :thumb169594536:
:thumb170042007: hearts on a stick by ntpdang
liquid by Katari01 Soft dreams by lieveheersbeestje
milk by illusionality vintage rose by illusionality
someday we will by jostef love me or leave me by Deeevilish
no walls by uglybug Jungle Kitty by kuhrissa
:thumb169709585: Im on fire by Healzo
self made lemonade by Rona-Keller .: l o n e l y  :. by aoao2
Bundle by Aconitum-Napellus best gradient by Elerens
sweet summer by BigBaysen Clifton Suspension Bridge, BR by Kapische
bw2 by zali26 :thumb169052090:
:thumb164686123: Long Tracks Eve by wreck-photography

:thumb166201970: :thumb166691795: Red summer sunkiss by Redxibi
Against The Sun by MarcoHeisler Tender Waves by darkmatter257 Nostalgia by pacificdreams

so colorfull life by zali26 :thumb169808291:

Skin made by Ikue and Redesign by SaTaNiA
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Color My World

Break You Down by Lady-Tori Underwater by ZanaSoul Early by EliseEnchanted Her own world by Julie-de-Waroquier another world by CarrotStalker :thumb167248794: Thinking about you. ... by addy-ack .: dream :. by biszkopciik memories by jostef Green light by Pamba :thumb163318375: Frosty leaves by lipstickmisfit :thumb165959879: :thumb167483842: Those days by EliseEnchanted It's a little miracle.. by leelloor :thumb165916120: Colours of the noon by ntpdang hide and seek by photopsie The Traveller by Healzo Hanging high by m-ika :thumb166341627: tiny rose by Katari01

Something about blue by digitalTouch Lost Message by Sortvind It's just a matter of time by Healzo :thumb166229826: :thumb167525473: Light on by Jules1983 :thumb158213235: Scattered by ToXxIcRoSe hello summer by jostef The King by silverstar13

the dark side of love by onixa Spring Romance by RHCheng Purple Daisies by RHCheng :thumb155255030: :thumb167439322: Under a Spell by nibbia Fields of gold by onixa

Po by PansaSunavee 1925 by fossadeileoni cat's eye by Bromelia94 :thumb167165092: :thumb158322967: BW say yes. by Soyismyhomeboy M O R T A L I T Y by charleshildreth im gonna eat u by mmarieta the roots of our love... by escaped-emotions :thumb167057759: owl time. by simoendli and after all ... by Piarvi-Recherreen The wind by ZanaSoul White by DREAMCA7CHER Cross the line by Julie-de-Waroquier

Feature 05 | Rainbow

Journal Entry: Sun May 30, 2010, 2:51 AM
Water Drops 67 by ovidiupop :thumb164221089: Red leaves by arthika Come closer by kuhrissa good luck by RETROK1D :thumb139614486: when the leafes are mountains by lichtfaengerin Dream a little Dream II by FeliDae84 beside me you stand by jostef flowers1 by lenakudrei .: L a d y :. by Nariscuss :thumb165722331: :thumb165505070: :thumb165508897: Chestnut by Pamba So small. by Katari01 don't try to follow me by Lisa-Schneider :thumb165527505:

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Feature 04 | Near Dark

Journal Entry: Thu May 20, 2010, 10:29 AM
Visitor by 4077 little spring by EShorizon Always together by huhahohi walking on a dream by jostef you're my sunshine by Katari01 flammable by ntpdang

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Feature 03 | Morning Light

Journal Entry: Thu May 6, 2010, 3:16 AM
  • Mood: Adoration
Hi everyone! :tighthug: This feature is all about beautiful light in the photographs :heart:

First my DA friends:
kissing flowers by lichtfaengerin :thumb159879452: :thumb162542353: The Stare by Arai-Foto L'arbre solitaire by Arai-Foto :thumb162805959: Pink flower by Bromelia94 :thumb162614575: Kitty by huhahohi resting in your arms by jostef :thumb162719492: Ladybug. by Katari01 It's raining... by Katari01 The Great Collapse by Leap :thumb153833100: :thumb135627438: la beaute by Lisa-Schneider .: L a d y :. by Nariscuss D: by ntpdang Bright by Samohae :thumb163043282: Somewhere In Between by TaNgeriNegreeN1986 daisies by uglybug :thumb162019666:
Orgovan by baggybunny Farming on the sky by benniao Blue Flowers by Inguan White Hinterland by Katoman  Golden Hour by marialivia16 Secretly by phferreira March ID - 2 by rosannabell :thumb162550011:

Moist by nibbia from me to you by dorguska Pouring by Karisca wild square by havoCghosT :thumb163036106: :thumb163042169:
:thumb162921668: Garden full of sun. by Lukreszja
Sound by Holunder Portre 103 by OkTaYBiNGoL
:thumb160397009: Lanterns in Daylight by alecpanneton
here comes the sun by aubier :Don't let go: by Ailedda
Let Go And Fly by javertime :thumb162231098:
Emerald by ceciliajoan Flower Green by Heartletter

Feature 02 | Silence

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 26, 2010, 6:28 AM
Words are very unnecessary :heart:

:thumb157741636: Freedom of Choice by LorenzoDiFolco Cat. by Katari01 :thumb145492417: :thumb161891110: I died for beauty by ntpdang Sleepy Shadows square by MissLoungegirl Undisclosed Desires by Lady-Tori Best Friends by Eruwyn Spring Memories by baggybunny : Joanne by rdvphoto

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Feature 01 | Spring's first love

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 22, 2010, 9:05 AM
Hi! First I want to thank everybody that faved my photographs :tighthug: It means a lot to me. :heart:

And now the first feature!

Spring Enchantment II by RHCheng Queen heart by Samantha-meglioli :thumb161513518: :thumb160368647: Flower Ball by pisthelimit What I used to feel by Emily-Charlie Innocente by Mme-Roux 350D 9243 by Leap Beauty is truth, truth beauty by Wheels-Of-Joy way into spring by lichtfaengerin Pink flower by Bromelia94 :thumb161315984: Lofty Heights by JVarriano Seeds of love by marialivia16 Damsel in Distress by NoCompletion Dreamy by Squirrelflight-77 Before After by ZeeGrizzly

And some of my latest photographs:
:thumb161591693: :thumb160907984:

Much love, Ghislaine :heart: